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Wedding ideas and tips and tricks about all things stylish. Hair, Makeup, Skin, beauty and a little bit of fashion.

Choosing Your Style

So you're engaged , and it's now time to plan the big soiree.

There is so much to focus on from dress to reception, to flowers to music, to the theme. You then have to add in your Hair and Makeup and what sort of style you want.

My advice... BE YOURSELF. Be the authentic you, the person that makes you feel most alive.

Whether that means minimal, colorful or rock style hair and makeup embrace it!

Some great places to find some inspiration ;

Pinterest (Well obviously)

Instagram- hashtags are so useful, there is a hashtag for just about anything

Celebrities on the red carpet - from the Oscars, to the Baftas, to the MTV awards celebrities are always at the forefront of hair and makeup trends.

Just remember it's your face , your hair, you are in charge!




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